Finding God in All Things: Ignatian Spirituality and Your Daily Life - Shared screen with speaker view
Christine Liggio
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Brian Harkins
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Linda Coluccio
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Jamie Gartner
How do we know what God’s will for us is? How do we follow and hear His voice? I’ve struggled with depression for 20 years - last year everything exploded and I lost my job, my two best friends, and was sent to a mental health treatment center for 4 months. I’ve been fighting and praying and trying so hard to find out where to go from here, but it’s been a year and I still haven’t been able to get my two best friends to talk to me and I haven’t figured out what God wants me to do with my career path. I’m lost.
Jamie Gartner
I haven’t found a Catholic Church in my area that fills me up. The homilies are frustrating for me - they are delivered as a dry history lesson - no passion or lesson or love. I have joined a couple people at a Christian church and many of the beliefs are the same, but I very much miss the Eucharist. But is it wrong to worship God in a Christian church?
Christine Pompa
Jamie - where are you located? Try another Catholic church!!! There must be more than 1 in your area?
Carissa Miles
Jamie - sending you love and prayers for peace. I agree - keep trying with Catholic Churches - you have the hunger for the Eucharist, just like Jesus hungers for your presence! Perhaps focus on the Eucharist while you are at mass, but turn to (many!) Catholic podcasts to fill you up from a messaging standpoint?
Christine Pompa
Find a Catholic church and search out a priest to talk to that can take you through your struggles.
Marjorie Wason Tormey
Very well done! Thanks for your insights so Helpful!!